Sumner Group Health Recruitment Limited (SGH Recruitment) is a company focusing on healthcare recruitment, training and government procurement (PPE).

SGH Recruitment is also proud to be an authorised supplier of manpower (international nurses) to the NHS, and also an authorised PPE supplier to the  Department of Health & Social Care. We can supply governments and multi national corporations all PPE required as part of a COVID-19 disease mitigation strategy.


We have built a dedicated team of experienced industry professionals who consistently deliver world-class recruitment and training services to our diverse portfolio of candidates.​

SGH Recruitment Operating Companies:

UK: Sumner Group Health Recruitment Limited

Philippines: SG Recruitment Inc

United Arab Emirates: Green Sky Innovations DMCC

SGH Recruitment has full control of all aspects of the recruitment journey. The broad physical presence, with offices in the Philippines, UAE and the UK, means that candidates can expect the same level of care throughout their journey. It also means we can deploy candidates quickly and efficiently. We provide assistance every step of the way:

  • Training for OET, CBT & OSCE

  • Visa applications

  • Travel arrangements

  • Accommodation & bank accounts